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Alliance for Young Women and Girls' title embedded in logo of four pink paper dolls connected by a red heart.


Your gift covers the cost of providing young women and girls from marginalized communities with Leadership & Employability Training that lead to careers with upward economic mobility and professional growth.


It costs $1,275 to train one participant over twelve weeks for our Entry-Level Career Training for Women, in addition to providing support with career placement and follow-up services post-training.


Your gift will cover:


  • $600 stipend/participant will help cover career dress wear, transportation to and from interviews, and to work – stipends are awarded after training.

  • $325/participant for digital learning platforms, workbooks (we develop our curriculum), and training facility (to help reduce training costs, we do not lease space, but we do have to pay per participant to obtain seating for our co-working space.

  • $350/participant for career coaching, support services: assistance with career placement, and follow-up services.

Your gift is an investment that keeps giving. When you invest in young women from marginalized communities, you are not only empowering them to pursue careers that lead to upward economic mobility, but you are also helping them to pay it forward by encouraging them to utilize their talents, skillset, and resources to give back to their communities and benefit the world we live in and work.

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