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Alliance for Young Women and Girls' title embedded in logo of four pink paper dolls connected by a red heart.


Alliance for Young Women and Girls' title embedded in logo of four pink paper dolls connected by a red heart.

Alliance for Young Women and Girls (AYWG) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the livelihood and well-being of disadvantaged young women and girls. We provide an academically enriching and safe environment to help young women and girls obtain their education, develop Leadership and Employability skills that lead to fulfilling careers. We foster various learning environments by leveraging an educational setting through partnerships with the surrounding communities.


Ja'net Young, a former educator, founded the Alliance for Young Women and Girls in March 2014. Ja'net, coming from a disenfranchised background and her experience in mentoring and educating other young women and girls from disadvantaged communities was inspired to launch AYWG through her passion to see others pursue and achieve their dreams. By being able to empathize with our members, Ja'net is able to incorporate her life experience, both professionally and personally into a  Leadership and Employability curriculum, which addresses the fallout of experiencing racism, discrimination, poverty, abuse, broken relationships, self-esteem issues, and access to limited resources. Our Employability curriculum teaches our members how to apply leadership in the workplace, in addition to addressing technical strategies used to make our members more marketable in the business world. To ensure that our curriculum stays relevant to the population we provide service for, we consistently gather data from our constituents, research career industry trends, and attend training seminars.










Ja’net has a B.A. in English from California Baptist University, a Masters in Education and a Single-Subject Credential from the University of Phoenix, and certification in Grant Writing and Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills. She brings her knowledge, experience, and background from working in the business world and as an educator, working with disenfranchised youth to accomplish the goals of the organization. 

Ms. Stewart has had numerous promotions, from Typist Clerk to Supervising Typist Clerk, Child Support Investigator, and Court Room Assistant. Ms. Stewart is a Paralegal for the Los Angeles Superior Court. She participates in organizational planning and capacity building.

Dr. Clark was a previous board member for the Pasadena Birthing Project and engaged in the organization's 10th-anniversary strategic plan and campaign for improving black infant health and addressing the disparities in poor birth outcomes. Dr. Clark has a Clinical PsyD in Multicultural Community Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She assists with administrative tasks and capacity building.

James has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Jackson State University in Mississippi. He is retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 35 years of service, where he was responsible for the oversight of bookkeeping and purchases. James currently volunteers as a mentor to young men at a local high school and nursing home for the elderly. He is responsible for oversight and approval of the organization's budget.

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